Andrea Klotz
I am deeply honoured and excited to run for the position of Trustee with the Edmonton Catholic School Board, Ward 75. I have had the privilege of working for Edmonton Catholic Schools for 29 years. In my role as Corporate Secretary for the Board of Trustees I have worked with parents, elected officials, trustees, superintendents and administrators to help build what I truly believe is one of the most effective, inclusive and caring school districts in Canada. 

I am committed to fulfilling my responsibilities as a trustee and will:

  • represent electors and advocate for publicly funded Catholic education 
  • make decisions regarding educational programming and infrastructure for the broader school district within funding guidelines, regulations, and government legislation as provided by the Provincial Government and in doing so, will make students my priority
  • uphold my fiduciary responsibilities when considering the annual operating and capital budgets for the district
  • work collaboratively with the Board, the administration, parents, and all stakeholders
  • be respectful at all times

I recently heard a quote from “Dr. Oz” ­ that beautifully describes what we, in Edmonton Catholic schools believe and impart to our students: How we treat the weakest among us is how we will be judged.

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by email at andreaklotz@shaw.ca, or telephone, 780-757-7116

Catholic Education
It is my belief that Catholic education is transformational. An education built on faith, inclusion and trust, instills the same values in our children. read more...

Where is Ward 75?

Edmonton Catholic Schools wards are slightly different than the municipal wards for city councillors.  If you are not sure which ward you are in, click here for information and City of Edmonton ECSD maps.

Ward 75 Map